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    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009
    I live in the United States and am desperate to try a SAFE decaf coffee. Does anyone have personal experience with finding a safe salicyalte free coffee.

    Thanks a million,
    Sylvia Ann :)
    • CommentAuthorKiwi
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2009
    Hi Sylvia......I'm sorry, I can't help with the coffee, but I do know that even decaffeinated tea still has moderate amounts of salicylates. I've had to cut back a huge amount. Tea was the only vice I had left, now that's virtually gone also. From 10-12 cups of tea a day, I've dropped to 4 of decaff. :(
    • CommentAuthorlindyd
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2009
    Hello sylviann
    I'm Uk so my brand is probably not available in the States but worth looking for in case they export it or you can get it online......
    Clipper Organic Decaffienated Coffee.
    It is decaffienated by the "water method" so no chemicals are used (most decaffs are decaffienated using solvents).
    If you look for one that is water decaffienated it will be better than a solvent one..(the often say swiss water method).
    I always ask for a half shot decaff latte when i am out. The only place I have had problems with is Starbucks.. their coffee gave me a bad head..I read a report later that their decaff coffee is very variable in tests and some of the decaff has nearly as much caffiene as the normal!
    Lindy xx
    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Thank you Lindy :) I will try to search for the Clipper organic......I really need a treat!
    BTW, have you ever made homemade caramels?? I understand they are supposed to be low in salicylates if made with milk or water and suger (a safe type of sugar of course).

    My only treat right now is grade A maple syrup and I would really like to expand my horizons.

    Thanks for any personal experience with this,
    Sylvia Ann :)
    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Hey Lindy,
    I forgot to ask you purchase the Clipper Arabica Decaf version or the freeze dried Clipper decaf? Are they both safe?

    Sylvia Ann :)
    • CommentAuthorlindyd
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Hi sylviaann
    My jar has a green label and says Decaffienated Freeze Dried is the only one I have tried..
    What a good idea.. I hadn't thought of making my own caramels..
    I did find a brand of organic fudge I can eat.. unfortunately it is a UK one again.. Roskillys and I have trouble finding it..I have only found two shops that stock it and both are miles away!
    Lindy xx
    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Hey Lindy, I found an instant decaf coffee here in Georgia that is free of solvents and made with the swiss method. I spoke to the owner of a health food store and he was extremely helpful. He also has the same product in a whole bean form. The product is called Cafe Hague. I plan to purchase this weekend. Do you think I shouls tick with the freeze dried or try the whole bean and grind it (in my own clean grinder)?

    Do you drink your coffe black or put rice milk or maple syrup in it??
    Sylvia :)
    • CommentAuthorlindyd
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2009
    Hi Sylvia
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Hope it is good :o)
    I drink mine either very weak black or a little stronger with organic semi skimmed milk.
    Organic milk here in the UK is fine.. they don't add anything to it and it is "clean". However I believe from other forums that the milk in the US has additives???
    I drink freeze dried coffee and haven't tried ground whole bean at home so can't really help on the choice although I can't see any reason other than that it may be stronger why whole bean wouldn't be ok. How about trying some of each if finances allow? I guess the whole bean will taste better :o) I would drink your coffee very weak at first to see how it goes..
    I also manage to drink the odd decaffienated latte when I am out now..I seem to be able to tolerate it from most "good" coffee shops if I ask for a very weak one. The only place that gave me a headache was Starbucks and I avoid them now....
    Let us know how it goes
    HUGS Lindy xxxxx
    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2009
    Hey Lindy,
    I have been so busy...still have to get to the health food store here in Savannah tomorrow to purchase the coffee. Thanks for the advice on starting out with weak coffee. I purchased a small coffee grinder today and am excited (crossing my fingers) about the possibility of a cup of coffee!!! You are correct about all the additives in our products. I will try my rice milk and see how it goes. I will keep you posted!
    Sylvia xxxxxx
    • CommentAuthormer
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2009
    Hi all!

    I drink an occasional cup of decaf coffee. I make it very weak. I do not buy coffee out anywhere except one place that I know makes their decaf in a separate coffee maker. Most places use the same coffee maker just put decaf in it. I have been afraid that the residue left from regular coffee would raise the sal level. Even at home I will wash the pot, basket, and everything before I make MY coffee (my husband drinks regular, kind of strong). I don't think I would use instant coffee, they sometimes use chemicals to dehydrate stuff to make it instant. I can't eat instant rice or instant potatoes. You will have a better cup of coffee if you buy the beans and grind them yourself. I drink mine black. Hope you enjoy your coffee!

    • CommentAuthorlindyd
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    I drink decaff latte's while out without any problems. I always ask for them to be very weak (half shot) and say about six times they "must be decaff". The only one that gave me problems was Starbucks.. I now avoid Starbucks but haven't had a problems anywhere else :o)
    Lindy xx
    • CommentAuthorLimag
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    Sylvia and Lindy,
    Whole grain decaf coffee beans should have more caffeine than freeze dried instant coffee because it is easier to remove the caffeine from the ground up beans than from the whole beans. However, if you, Lindy, don't have problems with lattes, which have a (half) expresso shot in it, it means you can have, at least a little bit, of the whole bean decaff coffee (expresso coffe is ground right before preparation). So, sylvia, take it very easy with the decaf whole bean thing.
    :) Good luck
    • CommentAuthorsylviaann
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    Hey Glaucia,
    I hope all is well with you!
    I actually am drinking Cafe Hague's organic decaf freeze dried coffee and doing well with it!

    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2011
    I've tried so many different brands of decaf coffee and I always get a severe reaction. After reading comments on this site and other places on the web, I don't understand why decaf coffee is still listed under the "Negligible" heading!
    • CommentAuthornanciswell
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    Dont forget that anything with any processing like removing the caffeine is put through who knows what before it is finished.. For example , mineral water .. i would have loved to tolerate that .. No .. it is put through some chemical process { canot remmber the exact one } and I react to that chemical.. / not to the water..

    I think coffee is high in sulfur ... sulfur foods give me bad reactions similar to the sals..
    • CommentAuthorMeerkat
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011
    M & S decaff Latte is lovely. I have a half shot and made with their soy milk, which is a very nice one too. A treat only once in a while.
    • CommentAuthorsmurf
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    am the same, ive never been good with caffiene at all and even some coffee brands decaf make me hyper, but i used to have the odd decaf weak latte. I made one on thursday ( a tspn of decaf filter with water in the cafitiere and mostly lacto free milk) and i'd only had half and within about 30 mins I got the itchy eye and swollen/tingly face!
    • CommentAuthorTina S
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016 edited
    Because, like many of you, I have an inability to metabolize a lot of foods & medications, including caffeine, I've been using nothing but decaff for years. I've found a couple of excellent brands of instant coffee from Europe, which are naturally of which is available in the US. It's called Mount Hagen, Organic Fair Trade. I get it from Whole Foods, but it's over $10 for the small 100g jar (3.53oz), but Vitacost has it cheaper. You can do a search for it. For those in the UK, Clipper has a great decaff instant coffee, available at Waitrose, for less than 5GBP. I buy decaff coffee beans, and ground, from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, in the US. They are naturally decaffeinated too. Good luck!